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  • New member in the westchester ny area

    HI everyone my name is rich i am new to the forum. last year i finally bought a 1992 typhoon from an owner that i believe was a member here. the color is a Chrysler toxic orange. i also had the opportunity to find and purchased a 92 sonoma gt. black on grey from a guy in ct. i love this square trucks. my dream is to own a syclone one day but for now these two will do. when i get a chance will post their vin id.

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    Welcome. There is an active member in your area (Vinny) who would probably be a big help if you need anything. See the Northeast forum for the November event in Delaware.
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      Aloha Rich and welcome, Do you have pictures of your trucks and #. Just curious what one did you get first, ty or gt ?
      Look forward to checking out your trucks. Aloha.........

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        Nice. Welcome. Was the blank and gray in central Connecticut?
        Justin "RealFastV6"
        1991 GMC Syclone
        1993 GMC Typhoon