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  • Daily Driving?

    Hey guys. Search function is not working for me at all, so I apologize if this topic has been beaten to death.

    I'm looking into buying a Typhoon pretty soon. Goals are to be able to daily drive it, and drive it to the track & back. Capable of running 11s all day.

    I come from a few other hot rods, but I do not know a single thing about this engine except for the fact that I have always loved these trucks.

    Am I being impractical with what I want to do? I'm trying to decide to go with the Typhoon or settle with a tbss. All the fancy gadgets don't mean shit to me as long as I have AC & radio.

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    I think that daily driving is possible, but going to be expensive. First, you have to find one that isn't beat that can handle daily duty. Than the maintenance, and then I would really worry abot the safety of the vehicle. For daily driving, these (as well as any vehicle from 1992) is not the safest.
    Don't get me wrong, it can be done, but I would be very careful. It will/can get expensive
    2003 2500 Avalanche. 496 with headers, 3" Magnaflow exhaust SOLD!
    1992 Typhoon # 0234. ultimate chip, cervinis ram air hood, ATR exhaust, otherwise all stock. New paint and semi-restoration final in May of 2013