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  • Hello from Portugal

    I own the only typhoon registered in Portugal.
    It is from 1993, and was imported new in 1993 to Portugal, through Germany.
    It has 29.000 miles.
    All stock.
    What a great truck.

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    Where are you in Portugal? I spend a lot of time in Faro and American cars are super rare there. I recall being with a local and seeing a totally beat mid-1980's V6 firebird and they talked about it like it was a hemi-Cuda.
    '03 Sonoma 4.3 (turbo project)
    '94 Jimmy 4.3 4wd
    '95 Formula Firebird LT1/T56


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      That´s true
      We Europeans love American classics
      A few month ago, I traded My 05 Chrysler Sebring Convertible 2.0 for this Typhoon.
      Imagine that.
      Americans here are so rare that My 85 S-10 Blazer is the only one registered in Portugal too.
      Taxes are very high for imported cars with high ci pos 1970.
      If I imported this Typhoon from US right now, I would pay €40.000 tax to register here plus €1.000 per year.

      And gas is not cheap here too.

      We have 6 types of gas...
      low cost, regular and premium, 95 octanes and 98 octanes.

      Cheaper one is EUR1.60/L

      about EUR 6.2/gallon

      about USD 7.2/gallon

      Thats why they are pretty rare too


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        Bem vinda(google)
        nice trade off! Keep it stock for reliability. Give Cristiano Ronaldo a run for his money
        If you see him driving his Cayenne.
        IGottaSy so IWannaTy no longer.

        Taking the streets by STORM!

        My smart phone makes me look dumb when I T-Type