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  • Hello from Dubai

    I have recently bought a GMC Typhoon from 1992 (#1551) as my first car/truck. Before I moved to Dubai I was looking for which car I should buy and my dad found a GMC Typhoon and suggest that I should buy it. I was a bit sceptical since I'm not really a big fan of SUV's and was looking to buy a Corvette or a Camaro instead. My dad told me I should at least see the Typhoon in person, so we contacted the seller. When I saw the Typhoon in person I knew that was the car I wanted. The seller also had a GMC Syclone but it wasn't for sale.

    Things I have done so far:
    -Removed the tint from the windows, since it was hard to look out the windows when it was dark.
    -Replaced the coolant temperature sensor, since It was hard to start when the engine was cold.
    -Replaced all the instrument light bulbs with LED lights
    -Removed a lowering kit - Since the truck currently has 20-inch wheels on it and when driving over a speed bump the rubber from the wheels would hit the cladding and break it
    -Replaced all the vacuum hoses
    -Replaced both front discs and front pads
    -Replaced air filter with a K&N
    -Replaced all the shocks with Beltech Street Performance, since the old ones didn't work
    -Replaced the distributor cap, rotor & spark plug wires with MSD
    -Replaced spark plugs with NGK

    Things I'm planning to do in the future:
    -Solve the issue when driving the instrument cluster that just goes out from time to time
    -Flush the radiator since the previous owner just used water instead of coolant inside the radiator is rusted
    -Buying new wheels that are 17inch
    -Putting in a 0411 PCM,
    -Replacing the exhaust (from the Cat) with 3" stainless steel & Borla muffler
    -Installing a water methanol injection kit.

    I would appreciate if you guys have more mods that would be nice to the truck.

    Best Regards,
    Christian from Dubai

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    Mods depend on your goals. Usually, heads, cam, injectors, chip, turbo, intercooler and exhaust will get these trucks moving. I left my Syclone mostly stock save for better injectors and chip. I'd do e85 chip if it's available down there.
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      Brian here. Also in Dubai. Two 1992 Typhoons. One is soon ready for the road after a modest refurb and freshening up.

      The other is a frame off restoration that is proving to be very hard. Parts are impossible to find.

      Anyway we can link up and meet other Dubai Typhoon owners!

      Feel free to message me for contact details.