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First time typhoon owner !! lots of questions - steering, suspension etc...

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  • First time typhoon owner !! lots of questions - steering, suspension etc...

    I just purchased my first 1993 typhoon .. red/red... 55k
    I love the truck . seems to need some simple maintenance
    so far replaced all the steering control arms, tie rod ends, pitman . idler etc...
    then installed belltech drop shocks (all 4)--- front belltech torsion keys (seemed to drop the truck... I have them cranked all the way up)

    installed a new hooker intermediate steering shaft upgrade --- just like a jeep shaft just new part rather than getting a "used" jeep shaft made a big difference
    the wheel was sloppy before --- between 10 & 2

    replaced the front driveline / shaft and rear ujoints

    overall the truck is nice I am trying to keep if fairly stock .
    currently I am trying to figure out the rear leaf springs . I just purchased belltech 5953 drop leaf springs
    after reading a bunch of post / threads it seems like these should work in place of the factory leafs and blocks???

    I am looking for insight with regards to the suspension I am trying to get a better ride and NOT slam the typhoon
    also, the typhoon looks pretty "low" ...but I have read that they cam with a 2-3" drop factory in 1993.... would this be correct ??? lowering blocks with shims ? from the factory

    I am hoping that the belltech's with JTR setback plates and 3 degree shims should keep the height the same as original (with out having blocks) . but a little better ride
    has anyone done this???

    I know this is a lot of questions and may need to post up in another category or thread... BUT this is the first forum/ group that I have seen a "new topic" button...

    I dunnno maybe I just need a bit of help navigating this forum . neeewbie!!


    brent - seattle -- 1993 typhoon -- essentially stock just getting started and tons of questions

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    Can't help you with your question (as I don't know much about the typhoon) but WELCOME to the site.


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      Was it a local purchase? Asking because a red/red 93 use to reside in the Spokane area. Some young kid that dad bought for him(in high school). Around Suncrest area. I've got JTR setback plates but only 1/2 inch extra with stock leafs. Wanted to keep a slight rake to the look. Welcome. And hope you brought your own straight jacket, 'cause you're gonna need it.....eventially.
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      '91 Sonoma ext cab GT conversion


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        ....oh. And for navigating this forum. We all have the same issue since the new format was started a couple of years ago. Lost a ton of info, also. A TON!
        Sonoma GT #15 Teal
        '91 Sonoma ext cab GT conversion