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'92 Typhoon in Siberia

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  • So, I finally decided to show some respect to community and my truck. Fixed most links and added pictures @ same posts they were before.

    An update - I still have it intact. Please excuse me for some ignored PMs - I was SO pissed off with all this idea that I didn't wanna touch it (and everything else) again.
    Well, years after I finally chilled out

    As Mark kindly mentioned 6 years ago I now have 2 busted ATs, and I live quite far from where Ty is. I got married in St. Petersburg, have a kid, and another one coming.
    I'll see if I can bring the Typhoon over here to my place reasonably soon (can take a year or two, you never know), but it'll sure take even more time to get my hands to it. I think I won't sell or scrap it.
    This will be my mid life man crysis project

    Too bad this forum is kinda dying, I had a great time reading all this information. Time takes its toll for sure, we all getting older and stuff, so this is understandable. But sad anyways.
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