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Syclone 1414 goes 7.67 at 89mph

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  • Syclone 1414 goes 7.67 at 89mph

    Last night took out the truck for its first pass at Irwindale speedway . Stock motor, rpm stage 1 turbo kit , SM 3 inch downpipe , turbotweak 60lb injectors and chip , c12 fuel. 1st run on 16lbs of boost spiking 20lbs was 7.8 then turned it up on the 2nd run to 18psi spiking 23 and it went 7.67 at 89. Also picked up 2mphs . This is all on a manual boost controller with Stock selenoid disconnected. 60ft was 1.75 to 1.78. On my last run turned it up a little more and it spiked to 25 and got fuel cut . It happened right when I was about to hit 2nd gear on the shift . I think I need to turn the wastegate rod all the way out to help with the spiking . The last run for sure it would of gone 7.5 because the 60ft was 1.72 but the limp mode screwed me. Truck seems to run good with no knock on all runs . The most knock I saw was
    0.8 in second gear which is normal . Spark advance on the race tune is 17 degrees on all runs . Let me know what your guys think . Oh ya forgot to mention truck weighs 3360 and 3600lbs with me in it . Let me know what you guys think .

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    Sorry guys . This is Syclone # 1413 . Iím new to the site. Having trouble posting the timeslip and video


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      Nice runs! Sounds like a 12.0 truck in the 1/4! You should be in the 1.6 range for 60' I would think are you pushing through the brakes or just not launching with even boost? I would agree to turn the wastegate rod out a tad, but that possibly will increase Lag. Either way good job, try turning up timing to low 20s with Race Gas, Will really wake it up!
      1993 GMC Typhoon #1215 (10.71@124MPH Stock Bottom End)
      Typhoon 2.0 Build: 10.49 @129 Forged Internals, Block Fill, 4 bolt, High Compression, Brodix -8 Ported Heads, Custom Cam, Headers, E85, Holley Dominator, Built 4L80e


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        Thank you sir . I agree on the timing . I can bump up on the scanmaster with my chip. Just installed a small 1.5 gallon icebox where my abs used to be . Works real good . I had the heat exchanger cold to the touch cycling the ice water with the ignition on. I warmed up the truck and went for a drive for 10 minutes and got on it multiple times and IATS never went over 70 on the scanmaster . Came back and water was still slightly cold .


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          Nice times! We should meet up one of these weeks, I was just at Fontana last night for Wed Night Lights and was the only Ty (or Sy there (of course).


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            Ya for sure . I will be at Irwindale on Thursday if weather permits .