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Front Swaybar delete for drag racing

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  • Front Swaybar delete for drag racing

    I was just wondering the effects on removing the front
    swaybar on our cars . Iíve done this on all my previous rwd to hook better on launch and for weight transfer . Also the weight reduction is nice . This is my first Awd truck so Iím just wondering if it would help or actually not help . Please chime in if anybody has done this . Thanks .

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    I have coilovers in mine and removed all sway bars. Iím not sure if itís ok on torsion bars

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      Thanks for the input . I actually went to the track yesterday and took it off before so went . 60ft was the same . Truck felt the same . No change . Truck went 12.1 at 108 with a 1.71 60ft. Itís actually a softer ride up front without it . Itís not as stiff . But yes you can feel the body roll instantly but itís something I can live with since Iím not road racing or auto-crossing . Iíll just leave it off , itís good weight reduction.


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        For AWD you do not want the front end to raise up. It might not be that big of deal of 12.1, but as you get faster through the 11's, traction does become more of an issue. You could add suspension limiters to help keep the front end down. My coilovers have limited travel which I think act like suspension limiters. They would not be affected by removing the front sway bar (which I still have installed)
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          Ya I thought about that too, speaking of suspension limiters I just finished installing them 1 hour ago . I accidentally found them on the shelf at autozone .
          I went out for a couple of launches and wow , the car just shoots out foward with no wheelspin and it barely squats . I already had installed the caltrac monoleaf by itself in the rear which also helped a lot . I had a 1.67
          60ft 2 weeks ago with it . Best so far . Hopefully the new bumpstops will help as well


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            BTW, I weighed the front swaybar and itís almost 25lbs


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              I haven't had a front swaybar on my Sy for years. I have coilovers though.
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