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New best 1/8 mile time

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  • New best 1/8 mile time

    Went to Irwindale dragstrip tonight,below is the vid of my only pass, got kicked out for no roll bar while picking up my time slip. Ran a 6.58 at 107.65 mph with a 1.51 60ft. So, better all the way around than my last outing at a different track but this track DA was about 600 vs 1500 for the other track. I also iced the intercooler which brought my IATs down into 70's instead of the 100 to 125 at the starting line on my last trip out. Probably going to need the 2 step and maybe better tires to launch any better.

    Truck has a twin turbo LS motor making about 700 to the wheels.

    There was a pop right before the 1-2 shift and the truck laid over for a split second, I wonder if the rev limiter and shift points are close together? My 4l80e is set to shift automatically so I just leave it in D. This has happened a few other times on the can hear it in the video...

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    Very nice, This is Mike . We spoke last night. After that long cool down, I ended up going 7.61 at 89mph . I beat my previous time of 7.63 .


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      nice work Mike! Did your boost stay consistent or did you get a spike?


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        No, it was good 1and 2 gear between 18-22 and then when I hit 3rd it dropped to 16 . Iím done with the manual boost controllers . This morning Ordered an electronic one .