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Finally the 11ís .

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  • Finally the 11ís .

    Just can back from Autoclub Speedway in Fontana and. Broke into 11ís. Last time I went, my best was 12.1 at 108. My best this time was 11.8 at 111. I think I hit the turbos Effiency limit because I turned it up to 22psi and lost 1 tenth . 20psi is the limit on this little 50mm turbonectics . This truck runs good to the 1/8 mile and right when I hit overdrive it hits a wall. Had many 11.9 passes and hit 11.8 one time .
    Best timeslip

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    Forgot to add that raceweight is 3400lbs and DA was 2000. Stock engine with rpm stage 1 turbo and ATR upper intercooler and EBay heat exchanger only . Street tires .
    Front coilovers and caltrac monoleaf only. Truck has 32k original miles .


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      Good Job Mike! You're doing a lot with just some basic mods and weight reduction! Hopefully I'll see you back out there in the next month or two. I'm upgrading some wiring as well as cooling system/heat management.

      I assume your truck is not actually shifting into OD (4th gear) right? You're leaving it in D (3rd) and letting it shift itself?


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        Went back to Irwindale last night , truck was running much better. Added some timing in via my scanmaster . Lowered my 75 dollar hankook tire pressure to 22 on all 4 corners and managed 2 runs in the 7.41 range and I hit 7.39 which was my fastest
        Manages two 1.58 60fts.


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          Raced a brand new ZL1 with drag radials . Too bad he Red lighted because it would of been a great race . I was at his door the whole run