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12.63 at 105.69 on 20#

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  • 12.63 at 105.69 on 20#

    OK don't shoot me. Remember my Sy is the only truck I've ever driven/raced. It seems to me to run really well. But, like I said, I dunno. So hear goes. Here's the time slip then a link to the corresponding DM log. (Forget the dial that was for something else.)

    Feel free to chime in with comments, criticisms, whatever...
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    Re: 12.63 at 105.69 on 20#

    Thats nearly identical to the best pass i ever made in my Ty on stock motor, stock injectors. ET, MPH and 60' are all almost the same.


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      Re: 12.63 at 105.69 on 20#

      Looks like at about 70mph, you start getting enough airflow to start cooling the air charge down. Right before that you are getting knock and losing a few degrees of timing.

      Were you launching at 2-4psi? Brake limited?

      Nice run. I am jealous of all you guys with running trucks...
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