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  • Took a loss

    After work, Halfway home, there were a couple of cars driving a bit spirited. I only recognized the big, heavy Challenger. The other car was a little Mitsu 4 door sedan that was actually keeping up with the larger sportscar. They split up at the fork ahead and that little white Mitsubishi traveled a block down the street rather quickly. The little Sy kept up just fine as I turned in the same direction. So, we get to a red light and 0 traffic ahead or behind. Seemed like the dude sank into the driver seat as I proceeded to build about 3 psi right before the green light. Didn't feel like I needed more. Green light and we go. The Sy gets a decent headstart, of course. I let up and as I see headlights thru the passenger side mirror. Shifted to third and gave it about 1/2 throttle to just stay ahead. Well crap! Here comes the little Mitsu hauling. I floor it, still in third but by then it took the Sy by a whole truck length and slowly started pulling away. I shut it down near 70mph in a 55 zone. No use. No excuse but I had just under a 1/4 tank of fuel and I felt a little buckling to boot. Hence the reason I only built a little boost at the beginning. Pulled into a gas station while the Mitsu drove off into the night. Googled it when I got home. It was a 2015-ish EVO by the looks of it.
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    Should have went all out! I guess thats a good reason to always keep your tank half full right?
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      Yep my little white 2014 EVO that I recently acquired for a daily is a rocket ship
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