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    Had a terrible dream last night. Quick back story;

    1. Haven't had a negative balance in my account in many years. Well, my office manager paid a bunch of sub contractor invoices that we haven't even billed yet and the account was over drawn $2500. We had a huge heavy wet snow fall and it broke a LOT of branches and knocked a LOT of trees over. We do the ground work but not the climbing stuff. So you can imagine this costs a lot of money over the 51 HOA and commercial properties we maintain. Luckily, I put 30k in the bank Friday but still seeing that negative made me sick and plus, I am using my Chase Ink card to get by until Monday.

    2. Although I am no where near out of love with my Typhoon, I am out of love with having a solid roller and bowtie head combo. Of yeah, and rack and pinion (or at least my set up). I recently installed the Dominator and yesterday finally got it running (I have been super busy). Needless to say, I have a long way to go before taking it to the track let alone drive it around town.

    The Dream...

    Somehow, I end up at this huge party, people are dressed real nice, walking around with Martinis and what not. It is Jerry Seinfeld's penthouse in NYC (assuming he was one there of course, I don't know anything about the man but love the show Seinfeld). So I am walking around realizing I know no one there and wondering what to do. So I grab a drink and the bartender (who seems to be the mexican guy from the ending of Office Space that calls Milton a Pinche Gringo) says "any friend of Jerry's" as he waves his hand no to my $50 bill for the drink and I guess a high tip. So I walk around and run into Jerry. I quickly tell myself, OK, you don't know the guy and I am sure he doesn't want to talk about his show, what do I have personally on this guy? That's it!! Cars and SYTY's!!!! I'm in!! So I approach him and reach to shake his hand, I get mild shake back and I say, "hey Jerry how've you been?" He responds "I've been better than most people" Immediately I think damn, I better make this good. So I say "hey I loved the show wish it were still on". Then I say right away "btw, I love how you had your Syclone in the parking garage episode".

    He's standing there looking around the room with a lazy smile on his face but for some reason evades eye contact with me. I'm thinking, "you don't have this guys interest and we need it because there are high profile people at this party that we need to meet, he can introduce you". So I come out with it, "hey I own a Typhoon and our community loves that you show your pride in your Syclone in your show". He smiles and nods then leans in while looking slightly away and says "Your Typhoon is a giant piece of shit and I could careless about your stupid trucks let alone you...goodbye". OUCH!!

    So I walk away and go back for another Coke. I hand my glass to the bartender and he says "$50". I pull out my Chase Ink card and think "yeah this is a great card, it has awesome travel rewards". I proudly hand it to him and he says "psh, a credit card senor"?! He shakes his head in disbelief and runs it. It comes back DECLINED!!!! He says "Insufficient funds amigo, try getting a real life".

    Thankfully I woke up. Not sure why but, I thought I would post this up since there is some SYTY stuff in there.

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    Drugs are Bad Mmmk.
    Justin "RealFastV6"
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      Hahaha ya know... If you took out the part with the cokes costing $50 and your card getting declined... It's probably not too far off from what would really happen. Most "celebs" are dicks, and a lot of the ones who you think would resemble the characters they play in movies are really just the same people as the drama nerds you made fun of in high school. I wouldn't sweat it.... but it's true... no one gives a shit about our stupid trucks hahaha.
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