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SY 2569 resurrection

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  • SY 2569 resurrection

    Hey guys,
    I just purchased sy 2569. The truck needs ALOT of work, new rockers, cab corners, and frame. I am 18 but I'm no stranger to the syty world. I have been around my uncles ty and my dads turbo Buicks since I could walk. I am going to be bringing the truck back to life shortly. I have already purchased a full Jsm 3 link for the truck as well as Jsm control arms. My goal is to build the truck to be a handler, a driver, and a truck that is respectable at the truck. I will post some pictures and updates very soon. I am also considering making a youtube series regarding my build. Im hopping the city community would help support my youtube channel if I were to make a build series. Just wanted to put this out there and show my passion for these trucks and keeping them alive!