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RPM (sytyperformance) LSX/4L80E transmission cross member for sale

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  • RPM (sytyperformance) LSX/4L80E transmission cross member for sale

    I purchased this trans, cross member from Race Proven Motors aka(sytyperformance) a couple years ago and just recently got around to installing it. It was supposed to be for an LSX/4L80E , but wouldn't line up with where I needed it to be, so I called JSM with the measurements I needed and his trans. cross member lined up just right where I needed it. I can't return the RPM cross member it's been too long, so if someone out there can use it here it is. It does have some nicks,scratches in paint from when I tried installing it.
    For fitment purposes I made some measurements at the trans rear mount location and compared to the stock and JSM cross members.
    RPM compared to stock are - Height of RPM is approximately 5/8" lower than stock at rear mount location when cross member is level.
    Location is approximately 1-1/2 " further to the rear at the center of mount holes than stock cross member.
    Cross member could be shimmed/adjusted if close to needed location. Wasn't for me.
    JSM cross member is same height as stock but is 3 " to the rear at the center of mount holes. Fit my needs.
    RPM (sytyperformance) is asking $275.00 plus shipping for these on their website.
    I am asking $175.00 or best offer plus shipping.
    (also listing on ebay)
    Can't load pics, so message me for pics via text or email.
    SOLD!!! 8-14-2018
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