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    I recently sold my Syclone and now I am selling all of my associated parts I have sold quite a few already on ebay and on facebook. Here is what I have left

    eBay listings

    - Center Console with mounting bracket
    - Clean Factory exhaust manifold
    - Typhoon Owners Manual
    - Syclone Owners Manual with tire paperwork and original bed cover instructions

    Things I haven't posted yet

    - Used Typhoon Door Panels
    - NOS downpipe
    - 2 used down pipes (one with bung)
    - Good bed cladding (rear section I believe)
    - Broken bed cladding
    - Broken door cladding
    - 2 PCMs with a Hood Tuned Prom
    - Syclone Owners Manual
    - Cluster Bezel
    - Factory Under Body Plastic Sheild

    I also have a lot of framed literature, though I'm not sure that I'm ready to let that stuff go yet. If anything peaks your interest, please contact me with a PM and then I will give you my email or cell number. I can send pictures of requested item. Or contact me through my ebay store. Thank you very much!
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    How much are you asking for a passenger side door panel?
    Thank you!


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      how much for drivers door panel and pics also cluster bezel and pics PLEASE what size are the downpipes? Thanks


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        Are the manifolds a complete set? How much?
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