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  • Performance parts for sale

    I just went to a larger turbo and I have a lot of
    the old stuff for sale .
    1. RPM Stage 1 turbo . 600 shipped
    ( missing wastegate actuator and bracket )

    2. ATR upper intercooler and lower heat exchanger with
    2 spahl fans and Johnson pump. 650.00 shipped

    3. RPM Cai . 150.00 shipped

    4. 60lbs injectors 150 shipped

    All these parts have only been on the truck for 8 months except the ATR upper intercooler . Text me at (818) 381-7265. If your local and can pick some of this stuff up it would be even better .

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    I'm interested in the ATR Parts also fans and pump. How much is the total shiped to Germany? Any Pics? Thanks klaus
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      Intrested in injector and rpm can pls text me 989.239.9393
      SY 2588-AutoX Stock,Coilovers,ATR pitbull
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