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1992 Typhoon for Sale - California cheap fire sale 10k

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  • 1992 Typhoon for Sale - California cheap fire sale 10k

    This is a tough one for me to post but I decided between leaving my company along with the Typhoon (i'm keeping the Sy) or the opposite. I chose a work life balance.

    Anyway, this is a lovely car. It needs a little love, fog lamps, stickers, bip and bops... I'm gonna do most of it if nobody bites but it's all easy stuff. Otherwise it's a beast. 40K miles ago or so the previous owner rebuilt the engine and a new proper tranny was installed 20 miles ago. It's currently at the mechanic getting tuned and inspected completely cause I want to ensure I am completely transparent though I don't expect any surprises.

    It's fast, much fast than my stock Sy. There's a ton of paperwork that shows the rebuild and possible other work done.

    I'm selling this for my cost of 12750 (it was actually just over 13 but it's nicer this way)

    I'm in Los Angeles and in town for the next couple weeks so I'm motivated to sell if not I'm just gonna keep it and work on it meanwhile.

    I don't post much on these boards but I'll try to check, you can also email me at mishalouy at gmail

    Hi guys - I just purchased this typhoon and did some work to it but wifey isn't giving me more space. I've added the cladding and replaced the tranny. It was just purchased and the motor was rebuilt...
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    This is a wonderful deal for someone looking for a mechanically sound Typhoon that needs some interior and basic love. I don't have the luxury of time so please reach out if interested. 9800 is amazing deal. Also all the little parts missing are on their way. Fun things like the stickers etc...