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Rehoboth, MA 02769

Ripped off member, never sent payment for parts received. Will not respond to PM's, emails or calls. Do not deal with this member, buying or selling.


Miami, FL

Seller has been less than accurate in his descriptions of parts he's selling. 5 members of this forum have been dissatisfied with the items they have received or never received them at all. A member of another forum has also been scammed for a large sum of money. This user is currently under investigation by his local authorities. It is strongly advised not to deal with this member under any circumstances.


SonomaGTlover - Jon Rust - Mirrado Graphics
O'fallon, IL

Jon was selling vinyl decal kits as well as electric fan mounts to forum members and collected money for items he never delivered.
This is the second time Jon has fallen excessively behind on his commitments to the SyTy community.
At this time we do not recommend placing any orders with Mirrado Graphics or Jon directly until all of those who have yet to receive their orders are satisfied.


Sells junk parts with fake receipts for performance parts, people think they are getting performance parts, but end up with junk. Also makes garbage aluminum radiator supports which break and case hundreds of dollars in damage. Do not purchase anything from this seller!


Grant Webb /11secTy
Thread 1
Thread 2
Sold a box of junk to a board member, took to long to ship and lied about shipping method.


Bill Hardifer / Syclone2882 a.k.a. gt67sy
Ripped off Board Member. Do Not Deal With *Finalized*


Mark Pettograsso / mpettograsso
Thread 1
Sold parts to a member, shipped half and has yet to ship the remaining parts. Multiple contacts made with no response.

Lannon Quintana / flyntyphoon69
Offers to buy parts, then backs out. Ignores PMs. Has had multiple shady deals go down. Do Not Deal With.


Joe Nelson of Everett, WA (eBay ID is "nwminitrucks")
Threatens sellers after he screws up. Owns a Typhoon.


Eric Mack / carpethead10 a.k.a. turboblue
Bought items and payed with paypal. As soon as item was shipped, Eric recalled his paypal payment, therefore recieving the item for free. * DO NOT DEAL WITH.


Will Robbins / SY#2910 a.k.a. BigWillie a.k.a. FLYN_BRICK a.k.a. Syclone0565 a.k.a. John B. Nesbeth
Sold multiple items including a bad turbo and an incomplete non-working alky kit and failed to reconcile with either buyer, claiming its not his fault. * DO NOT DEAL WITH.


Michael Tibedeau / HotRodV6 / FirstGensForever
9351 Youngstown Place
Humble, TX 77396
(Possible current address as of 10/13)
7011 W Parmer Ln Apt 912
Austin,TX 78729-6954
AIM = HotRodV6
Phone 281-441-1258
Mobile 281-687-4168
Other 936-649-2334 (phone number Mike has listed on Craigslist as of 10/13)

LS1 eBrake setups
Opened GP on 2/15/07
Collected over $2000 from members plus more from members of other online forums who have come here looking for answers as well.
Mike is claiming the hold up is on teh cables but has yet to ship bracket only orders or refund money to those sick of waiting.
As of 8/5/07 not one order has been completed or refunded.
It is not recommended to deal with this individual until he rectifies this situation.


Chris Conadian / FLYNSUV
17555 via Valencia
San Lorenzo, CA 94580
(510) 755-3212

Multiple members out of money including wicked, goalie29 and odium who received faulty parts from user "FLNSUV". This guy has had a few other shady deals go down and doesn't return emails, PM's, or phone calls.
Another member saw the posting above and had this to add:

Keith Mease - South Jersey / Philly area - MPE, MPE Performance Fabrication
Has ripped off/scammed dozens of SyTy, Turbo Buick and Impala SS owners. Impossible to reach when he doesn't want to be found (or he's in jail), but does respond well to threats, lawyers and law enforcement. Deal with at your own risk, you have been warned.--


PEP Precision Engineering Performance
Ripped off multiple board members. Do Not Deal With *Finalized*


Tony DeQuick - Chicago, Illinois area
Formerly of Charged Air Systems (CAS). Sells radiators, CAC's, etc. Does not ship parts in a timely manner. Does not reply to emails. Does shoddy work. Has a very poor eBay feedback rating and changes his Ebay ID frequently. Has been banned from PayPal. Bad reputation in many automotive arenas, turbo Buicks, LS1's, SyTy's, etc. DO NOT DEAL WITH.


Torrey Ward
SyTy owner. According to a SyTy Vendor who built a motor for Mr. Ward, he has not paid his balance due on the labor/parts for the engine build. According to the SyTy Vendor, Mr. Ward was taken to small claims court for the outstanding balance. The court ruled in favor of the Vendor, but Mr. Ward still hasn't paid. Other vendors should proceed with caution when dealing with Mr. Ward.


Conley Performance

To report other deadbeat members you feel are candidates for the Dog House, PM TurboManiacal or Ty0279.
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93 Gmc Typhoon #1731 Trade For Class C rv.$17,000 value

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  • 93 Gmc Typhoon #1731 Trade For Class C rv.$17,000 value

    I bought this as a Daily driver. It was old and had alot of small problems. I am an A.S.E. master technician, I spent close to 50 hours, and about 10k in parts at cost."have all receipts". This truck is now re-newed, Inside is clean, dash cracked when doing heater core. leather is sweet, no tears. Red exterior was color sanded and waxed, cladding was removed, repaired, refinished gloss black. Engine/Trans original Stock. with 110k on vehicles stock odometer. New Items include: all steering components new"Moog", all suspension bushings new"Energy Suspension" New Aluminum Radiator/heater core and polished hoses. R1 radiator and sure flow pump added to intercooler system. A/C all new components and hoses. 17" rims Blizak tires"stock over all diameter and spacing. contact me for more info. Gt_Sgt . Pictures click on black link under my name "my quick Garage"
    Last edited by Gt_Sgt; 05-14-2012, 03:29 PM. Reason: wrong limited #1731added pics and price

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    Re: 93 Gmc Typhoon #1736 Trade For Class C rv.

    ALSO has: Walboro 255l pump, hard wire kit. 60lb. injectors, 3bar map, 3in cat with magna flow 3in inlet, duel 2 1/2 outlet muffler, battery relocated to rear, cold air kit, water alky injection, wide band O2"inovate lc1" gauge switch's between stock and wide band O2's. Installed a NOS bottle and dry system"never used". polished 16gal tank for water alky. has Turbo Tweeks chip in it. Comes with Code 59 also. Ostrich 2.0, Xtreme aldl connector, and liscense for Rt tuner5. boost gauge, tempature gauge."3 gauge pod". Polk audio speakers replaced all stock. new front brakes.


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      Re: 93 Gmc Typhoon #1736 Trade For Class C rv.

      Pics and price are really gonna help your cause here.
      92 Ty~ not stock and never finished


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        Re: 93 Gmc Typhoon #1736 Trade For Class C rv.

        F quick garage has pics of truck.send offers with email I'll send more pics.


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          Re: 93 Gmc Typhoon #1731 Trade For Class C rv.$17,000 value

          RIP Myclone

          Smeagol's Therapist - I'm failing miserably.