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Thank You from Nationals!

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  • Thank You from Nationals!

    Now that Nationals is all but wrapped up, it's time to say thank you!

    First and foremost, the Nats Committee would like to say thank you to the attendees!
    Both to those of you who brought trucks and those that chose to hang out with us for a weekend without your trucks. We were a bit worried that Denver would kill attendance and the event wouldn't be worth the time. After registering 80+ people and having 29 trucks total over the course of the event, we were happily proved wrong! We sincerely hope everyone had a great time racing on Friday, taking photos Saturday, and hanging out at Heritage Square Saturday afternoon (not to mention all the parking lot hangouts in between). It truly is the people that make Nationals what it is, and not necessarily the trucks.

    Thank you to Johnny Lightning!

    The special edition Nationals Typhoons are awesome and I know all the attendees that got one were loving them. We understand the world of corporate takeovers and politics, and while we weren't able to get the promised amount, Tom Z came through and delivered just enough! We literally gave out the very last one at the event. It was an awesome way to commemorate Nationals and hopefully, we can work with Johnny Lightning again in the future!

    Thank you to Sportmachines (Tom and Dameon)!

    We can't say thank you enough to number one of our two marquee sponsors! The guys at Sportmachines stepped up huge in helping us foot the bill so we could enjoy the good food and fun at Heritage Square. Without them, our registration fees would have been much much higher! Not to mention all of the great swag they threw our way for the door prizes. They were instrumental in making Nationals what it was. Please, everyone, take some time and check out their website and what they have to offer. The SyTy community as a whole is lucky to have guys like Tom and Dameon, dedicated to keeping these trucks on the road and the community together through events like Nationals!

    Thank you to GN Northwest!

    Another HUGE thanks to Jason and the crew at GN Northwest. They are relative newcomers to our small world of SyTy and they stepped up huge! No questions asked, they shipped us an AlkyControl Kit (which Dig happily won on two tickets ) for our marquee raffle prize. Huge fellas! Huge! With sponsors like these, it's easy to feel secure in knowing SyTy's will be kept on the road coast to coast. If you guys are too far from Sportmachines, give the guys at GN Northwest a hollar.

    Thank you to Hood Tuned Performance!
    Hood threw in a full tune-up and a chip reburn. Just one more SyTy vendor with a heart for keeping these trucks alive. I've personally ordered parts from Hood and wouldn't hesitate to do so again. If you need something and can wait a bit for shipping, throw Hood some business. Customer service is hard to find these days unless you are dealing with Hood Tuned.

    Thank you to!
    Thanks to Scott of Without him, Nats wouldn't have had the liquid cool refreshment that helped keep everyone hydrated all weekend. Scott also donated 3 Tints. If you are looking for a different look for your truck, check out his website: You won't be disappointed in the service or quality.

    Thank you to Al's Trailer Sale (RJ specifically)!

    RJ is the man. Thanks to him, 2 lucky raffle winners will have better working W2A IC systems. If you guys need a reliable source to pickup a shurflo, hit him up

    Thank you to RenzFab LLC!

    Renz donated a whole box of crap. But what nice crap it was! Some brackets, C5/C6 Brake adapter kit and more! It's the guys like Renz who are willing to make the specialty pieces everyone is looking for that make this community so special.

    Thank you to IdeaStage!
    Huge thanks to Dan at IdeaStage for being our official trophy sponsor! His suppliers messed up the orders a couple of times and he was still able to come through and have our trophies to us on time. They were killer! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them if you need any sort of award or commemorative piece. His work and customer service is top notch!

    Thanks to the Staffers!
    Another big thank you to the people I pressed into service as staff. Thanks to Jim Schick for being our lead driver and helping people get to the track on Friday and Red Rocks on Saturday. Not sure how many followed him to Heritage Square on Saturday.

    HUGE HUGE thanks to Harmon. That man is a machine and did the work of 4 people over the course of the event, not to mention helping us obtain some of the most memorable footage Thursday night. Harmon, you da man and you really helped make Nats a success.

    Huge thanks to Mandi also. She was incredibly helpful on Saturday during the awards and raffle. She was also kind enough to help keep tabs on our boys so Nadine and I could get things ready to go. You are awesome Mandi!

    Can't forget Joe either! You guys have all seen his photos. I think having a staff photographer is something everyone can appreciate. Those pics are awesome Joe!

    I'm not sure if Dabney's services were utilized or not. He was our Liason of Adult entertainment... But thanks to Dabney as always. He's always been a huge supporter of Nats and it was good to have him on hand.

    A special mention: Thank you to Jim Sloan for making it out to Denver. Due to Klinger's absence, Jim is the only SyTy'er to have made every single Nationals Event. That is some serious dedication! Your Typhoon is super nice and we appreciate your commitment to Nationals! I can't forget to mention your donation of Car Wash stuff as well. It was a huge hit after the raffle and Nadine and I didn't have to take any of it home!

    Another special thanks to RJ. He was, in our book, the overall nice guy award winner at Nats. He stepped up to get Pete from his Hotel, he and his dad helped keep our boys safe in the parking lot at the hotel and he gave my son his first Typhoon ride. He even let him shift. Thanks to RJ, I've got a good head start on my boy being a SyTy'er for life. Now I just need to get another truck.

    Last, and most certainly not least. Thank you to my wife Nadine.
    Without her, Nats would have been a total disaster and fallen apart before it even started. Without question or complaint, she stuck by me from the moment I said, "Nats is in Denver and I'm doing it." She pulled all of the small details together, organized everything, and really made Nats run as smoothly as it did. There really is nothing I can say to give her enough thanks, though, I think, she will be happy to know that I don't plan on organizing Nats 13 all by myself.

    Thanks again everyone for an awesome and memorable Nats12, Denver.

    PS. If I forgot anyone, thank you too.
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    Re: Thank You from Nationals!

    Guys like these are few in this world.
    Glad u guys had fun and hopefuly I can make it next time. its an honor for me to belong.
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