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Carlisle for sale thread

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    Re: Carlisle for sale thread

    $5 with no Renzfab sticker...Jim
    Still laughing at the dumb looks.


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      Re: Carlisle for sale thread

      I'm bringing a few body repair items for a buddy of mine. He's got a couple of new rocker panels for $25.00/ea. and two sets of pickup cab corners for $30.00/set or decent offer.


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        Re: Carlisle for sale thread

        Anyone happen to have any parts clusters? I'm looking for those little stop pins. Mine were removed with an overlay, want to put back to stock.
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          Re: Carlisle for sale thread

          i got some stuff i will bring

          ATR external wastegate - $100
          Brand new Intrepid electrical fans, i cut the corners off to try and make it fit a stock radiator - any offer over $10
          GMC Syclone Tennis shoes size 9-1/2 - $100
          stock turbo to intercooler hose - $50
          stock throttle body, old, missing covers and hardware - $20

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            Re: Carlisle for sale thread

            I also have a radio bezel 30$ and a atr battery relocation kit( I am not sure if complete) $75will bring it with Also a 3" cat too $40
            Syclone light switch/panel $30

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              Re: Carlisle for sale thread

              Originally posted by Sy-1177 View Post
              I'm interested in the scoop. Any pics of it mounted up? How much?
              PM me ur #
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