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Typhoon Argent WAEM-8798. Question Help Please!

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  • Typhoon Argent WAEM-8798. Question Help Please!

    I Have a super nice 78K Typhoon with great original Black Paint. It has the Argent trim which is dirty and stained. I am going to get it painted and I have searched every thread on here and found the color I need but can get no clarification if it is supposed to be Full Gloss, Semi Gloss or flat. The paint formula's themselves have no flattening agent in them so if the sheen needs to be killed somewhat has to be done in the clear. But from what I read the WAEM-8798 was originally single stage and had no flattner in it. Any help you could lend would be appreciated.
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    When I completely did my typhoon, the argent was glossy. I will try to find the paint code used. I used full gloss.
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      Without the access to the old sites sticky notes, I can't find the old info I used to paint Ext Cab Sy. It is A semi-gloss..... or semi-flat argent. In fact, my regular painter wouldn't even touch it, being it didn't come out of a can ready-to-shoot. Semi-gloss clears must be a pain. I finally found another painter that had their own mixing machine do a few test sprays til I liked it.
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