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  • New Paint - probably

    Got caught in the recent hail storm in Colorado Springs, four cars damaged including the Typhoon #559. Mostly hood damage and paint splotches on the roof where the stones hit and scratched the very dull paint. (needed and paint job anyway). What do you guys think about replacing the hood with a 2" cowl hood? What about wrapping? Has anyone done a carbon fiber wrap on the cladding? Interested in hearing your comments, thanks, Bill

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    I though about a car wrap before I had my truck repainted. The paint will out last the wrap, I believe. The wrap should protect your freshly painted truck but it's an extra expense. I quit taking mine to car shows after the repaint. People loved the truck so much they couldn't keep their hands, elbows and even some butts off it.

    Cowl hood looks pretty good. Plenty of people run it. It's a matter of preference. The main point to consider is that if you plan to resell, original rules. People will low ball you because of the lack of originality however small it may be.
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      Love my cowl hood i thought about a carbon fiber wrap on the cladding would look cool as well.


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        I been thinking of wrapping my truck for quite some time. I initially wanted to wrap my black gmc typhoon to a olive drab military geen. I had many other ideas flow in on design work but never made it to that point. Even came up with a name for the truck and called it mili-ty. The previous history of the truck showed it was really dragged through a battle and the name suited it.

        I have a whole different approach for my syclone. I went ahead and bought some good samples off line of what I was going to use to play around with . My first big hurdle is to do the front grille. One of the more involved pieces of this job. I wasn't sure how I was going to knock the task out so I researched some stuff. I found a few tips and tricks online that pointed me in the right direction. If your curious, or interested in the same stuff I was just YouTube 3M finish line tape, and bridgeline tape. 3M has a few really good videos that put things into a better perspective.
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