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cranked ty with jumper wire still in obd1

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    I bet you it's a vac line or a plug wire causing havoc. Something so small you wouldn't believe it.
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      I believe all the issues you are describing are minor.

      If your truck does not sell for some reason. Start a new post about those issues you are currently having and we will try and help you get the truck repaired.

      It could be problems with vacuum lines causing both your issues. More info and some testing would be needed to be sure.
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        while trying to figure out why the a/c(now cold) only blows out of the bottom, I found a vacuum line sucking air. And there was a nut stripped out on the clamp that connects the garrett cooler to the throttle body. I understand that I maybe really close to getting its 99problems figured out, but its time to let it go. Any confidence I had i lost back in April. I truly didn't need this 'deal of a lifetime' at this point in my life. As I am dealing with other issues~ thx for real for great advice, yall nailed it. If & when it sells I gotta post what I paid for it. When I told my closest buddies what I paid they said 'Really? Wow, yea itd be kinda hard to pass on a deal like that". Im guessing by auctions end, it will truly be tiptop.