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Dimmer switch repair

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  • Dimmer switch repair

    Pulled on the dimmer to go from high to low beams and something broke. The lever moves just fin but obviouly it's not connected to anything. And I stuck with high beams only. What do you think broke and how doI fix it?
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    It sounds like you felt something break when you pulled the lever when trying to switch to low beam. I am just guessing as I have never had to repair this problem before. My guess would be the combination switch. I did some searching to find one your our trucks but did not find the replacement part. I did find instructions in this link on replacing the switch on later model trucks. It may be similar to ours. If it is this switch you may have to find one from a donor vehicle. Hope this helps. Click on the how-to & tools tab.
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      Don't come here much anymore, so a bit of a late reply. There is a lever on the turn signal stalk that pushes a rod that goes down the column to the actual switch. What could have broken could be the plastic on the turn signal, or the actual switch which is located toward the fire wall where the wiring plug is visible. I can't remember if you can visually see the rod/switch under the dash without taking the column out, but I'd try that before tearing the upper column apart to replace the lever in the turn stalk. I rebuilt the tilt column on my truck.... and if I was close, I'd give you a hand, Don. Hope this helps. Chip
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