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TY Imported to Canada Successfully. Daytime Running Lights Added.

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  • TY Imported to Canada Successfully. Daytime Running Lights Added.

    Thought I would share my experience importing stock Ty #1651 into BC, Canada! Took me 10 years to find a Ty in decent shape, and I'm stoked to be able to bring her home.
    The challenge was to add a Daytime running lights system to the vehicle in order to pass provincial inspection. Since the car is older than 15 years, it doesn't conform to Registrar of Imported Vehicle (RIV) program, and it only has to pass provincial inspection once in BC. BC inspection requires daytime running lights (DRLs). There are rules (height off ground, color, etc.) for adding DRLs to a vehicle, but the easiest way is to use a relay and just turn on your headlights after the car has started (high beams still have to function). Instead of buying a shitty Canadian tire aftermarket DRL unit, I made my own. Timer module (#8 in photo) is added between ignition source and 40amp 12V relay in order to delay the lights so they come on after cranking/starting. All connectors use jumpers so the entire unit can be removed if it ever needs to come out. Here's what I did:

    16AWG wire used on everything.

    1. E-Ting single wire waterproof connectors ( Goes to headlights (headlights added in parallel).
    2. Goes from 12v ignition source (12v only active when ignition is on) to timing box (8).
    3. Goes to ground
    4. Goes straight to battery source.
    5. Goes to other headlight (only one jumper is shown in the photo, however there is one jumper per headlight).
    6. Plugin to existing 3-pin light connector. (9003 light jumper unit from amazon:
    7. Plugin to headlight.
    8. Cheap 12v relay with incorporated timer off amazon ( Able to program 0-999hours. I'm just using it to delay the lights coming on for 6s.
    9. Electronics enclosure.
    10. External fuse for headlights (20amp fuse sold separate). Fuse enclosure from amazon (

    11. Ulincos 40amp 12V relay from amazon (

    Here is the jumper plugged in to the existing headlight plug. The other headlight is wired in parallel to this one, with another jumper.

    For the ignition 12V relay signal, I used a jumper to connect to the 12V ignition source on the boost control module (only gets power after you turn the car on):

    And here is the jumper I made for it. Instead of buying a GM plug ($12), I found out that E-Ting 2 prong plugs are the same fit, and you can get a pack of 10 for the same price - shown below (amazon:

    So to simplify - the timer delay module (#8 above) gets 12v power from the boost control module once the car turns on. After a 6s delay, the timer closes its relay box, and sends the same 12V source from boost control module to Ulincose 40amp relay. This 40amp relay closes a circuit connecting the headlights to battery. There is a fuse (#10 above) in line between the 40 amp relay and the headlights (fuse is on outside of box to be easily accessible).

    I installed the DRL box on the passenger side in front of the AC unit, and hid all the wires:

    ... And she passed inspection first try. And no, I definitely DID NOT get her inspection at Canadian tire.