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Mirror lights won't turn off

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  • Mirror lights won't turn off

    Found a completely dead battery this morning and put the truck on a charger. Went out just now (dusk) and saw the mirror lights (downward facing map lights in the rear view mirror) were both on. I check the switches for those lights and they were off. I flick them on and the lights dim and turn back on. Other interior lights behave properly.

    I've pulled the fuse for now, but then I have zero interior lights.

    Any thoughts?

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    Don't those lights work off of a ground? What is puzzling is all of the interior lights should have been on if the circuit was grounded? Curious to see what the issue is.


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      You can unplug the wiring harness to the rear view mirror. Should be tucked up into headliner. try your mirror on another truck or a know good mirror in yours. I'm sure you can test it by applying 12v and ground appropriately. Maybe it's dirty inside or the heat got to the contacts of the switches.
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