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DFI Gen 6 DB9 connector pin-out wire colors needed/Resolved

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  • DFI Gen 6 DB9 connector pin-out wire colors needed/Resolved

    Hey guys, hoping someone has such an animal to look into the DB9 connector to read back the color wires on which pins, or one on a shelf (for sale?), I'm in a pickle here! Iím in the middle of retuning after some changes to the engine, but communications are out, donít want to drive till I can record and make changes/corrections again. I found the wires inside the DB9 that plugs into the laptop were broke, 6 out of 9 wires even. Have tried a few guesses with where the wires were still at but no combination is working. You canít ohm out the wires end to end as Accel added a converter box, fed 5volts like some TTL or such, I didnít want to risk 9 volts of my DVM to take readings through these electronics but did try a 1.5 volt AA battery, still no clear indicators what wires are, mainly; Tx/Transmit, Rx/Receive or Grd. Thatís only 3 wires, which should be all that is needed, but I wonít assume too far on that if other wires there are used/needed. I tried my laptop based DSO to capture Tx or Rx happening but nothing conclusive showed up. I have all the wiring codes for the DFI, it only shows Rx, Tx, Rtn and 5V, and their color code that does not match the other end, that since it goes into that magic silicone filled converter box. Dave who should be a member here has been helping me through PM, but he does not have a cable, just a very good understanding of what I have and how it should play out, heís been a great help for someone who is working in some other country right now.

    So, anyone that can help out that would be great, really, hell Iíll throw in an Amazon gift card to anyone who can help me out with all the wires, and I am a man of my word so itís as good as green.

    UPDATE, if anyone ever ends up here, only need 3 wires mainly, Yellow for ground on Pin 5, Brown for Rx on Pin 2 and Red for Tx on Pin 3, and the drain wire on Pin 1 to drain the shield of any interference collected.
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