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Thinking of Upgrading to TurboTweak Velocity chip and bigger injectors..?

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  • Thinking of Upgrading to TurboTweak Velocity chip and bigger injectors..?

    Hey guys, I am looking into upgrading to a turbotweak velocity chip for tuning along with going to a little bigger than stock injector size. I bought the truck with all the ostrich components and the Ty is currently tuned with code59.

    Some parts that I have done to the truck as it sits tuned with code59 are:
    -walbro 255 with hotwire kit
    -billet FPR
    -high flow intercooler pump with 3/4" heater hose to replace stock lines
    -full tune up with wires/ plugs/ cap/ rotor
    -silicone vac lines all new all around
    -kenne bell CAI
    -Plx wide band O2
    -EGR delete
    -magnaflow cat back 3" exhaust
    -new upper/lower rad hoses
    -new high flow water pump
    -new 140amp alternator

    The truck has just over 59,000 miles, could it handle an upgrade to 60# injectors with the velocity chip with the modifications listed above? or is there more to do before it can handle injectors that size.
    Any input on this is greatly appreciated
    Thank you,

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    I have the turbotweak velocity chip on my typhoon and love it! My truck has a built 4.3 waller longblock
    along with a comp 412 cam, turbonetics upgrade turbo and many of the mods that you have listed.

    I also had the ostrich tuning when I bought the truck and thought it could be better.
    After installing turbotweak every aspect of tuning out of the box was spot on, couldn't be happier with the results. Get this product as soon as you can!
    Get their scanmaster 3 also to keep track of real time operating parameters and future troubleshooting and mod adjustments. Also look up the ECM relocation mod for our trucks. The velocity chip has dip switch adjustments that you may want to make with future mods. Easier to do with the ECM in glovebox.

    Give Eric at turbo tweak a call with your questions and he will set you up. Nice guy that knows what he is doing.

    Definitely do this!


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      Check this site out also.
      search the gmc syty section. Good information there on our vehicles.


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        ^^^ what he said..
        92 TY#1473 blk/blk single turbo ls 411 pcm / 4l80e

        92 ty #1517 wht / silver srp's ,eagles ,pte 51, mild vortecs , 412 comp , 4l80e swapped w/2600 tcs .


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          Those injectors are big enough to get programming for e85. The chip can have 2 programs. In any case, the benefits manifest at higher than stock boost levels. The chip itself will be an improvement over stock chip.
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