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  • Looking for Transmission Oil Cooler...

    Hi everybody,

    unfortunately my search function doesn't work...

    I'm looking for a oil cooler set for my Typhoon - do you have any suggestions for me?
    It would be very comfortable if there is somewhere a complete set, so oil cooler with all the additional stuff I will need for mounting and connecting.

    Greetings from Austria

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    Try local auto parts store or Jegs . The easiest location is where it connects to radiator. It's just splicing hoses and attaching clamps. The flow should be hot fluid in top cool out bottom. Easy to mount with heavy duty zip ties or screws in front of radiator. Wish i had pictures but it's real easy .


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      RPM sells a cooler and steer braided hoses that are nice if you looking for something as a kit per say the cooler is from B&M se&category_id=194&Itemid=91


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        Thx!!! Looks nice!


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          I have the same kit from came from another member...I also run a De-rale pan that holds another 2+ qts. in it now. I also have a trans temps gauge that runs the sensor into the pan. The temps don't get about 170 degrees and that's doing a string of boost launches. Cruising it stays pretty low like 150 degrees. Most likely one of the Top five things I've done to my truck. I also had the trans rebuilt at about 100k....The builder told me specifically.....Transmissions love being cool.....and having clean trans fluid. Did I mention the pan has a drain plug on it ? which makes it really easy to change fluid now! Good luck and enjoy....I've had my truck for about 10 yrs now.....Been thru a lot....keeping it until the end has come for me!
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