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Hitting Limiter & Not Shifting

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  • Hitting Limiter & Not Shifting

    My knee jerk reaction is that I'll end up having to take this transmission in to a professional, but maybe there is some easy stuff that might solve this first.

    I have a 3500 stall converter, 6266 ball bearing turbo, and comp 412-8 cam, so parts that are pushing a bit more power. I think the issue I'm having likely started when I removed the Yank 2700 and installed the Superior 3500 converter. Don't quote me on it but I think that's is the case (I didn't drive it but a couple passes on the Yank at the track). Transmission is a rebuild of unknown specifications, but with the Yank in there it shifted around 5800rpm which is pretty perfect and what I'd like it to be doing now.

    I'm on a TT chip, e85, walbro 450, etc. and I have the rev limiter set via my msd 6al-2 to 6200 to make sure it is out of the way, but about 50% of the time the 1-2 shift hits the limiter a couple times before it shifts and the 2-3 shift does the same 100% of the time. I'm thinking maybe my springs/weights in the governor don't play nice with the new converter?

    I already tried the TV cable adjustment a couple of times, seems to be right and I get the 3 clicks needed. Any suggestions before I just chase down a transmission expert to take over?

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    Oh dang this actually posted. I got an error message every time I tried.

    Anyways, ignore as I think I've fixed it.