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F Body aluminum Driveshaft

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  • F Body aluminum Driveshaft

    Just wanted to comment that an F body aluminum driveshaft is a direct bolt on for a Syclone . Same exact length . I simply took mine off and installed the aluminum f body on. Same teeth on the tranny shaft and all. I paid 120 bucks . It was 4lbs lighter and it eliminated a lot of the vibration on the highway that the stock steel one had. The driveshaft has a three rivers
    label with a 12564004 BX part number . Just thought Id post this if people wanted a cheap aluminum driveshaft . Also I launched the car twice at 2700 rpm right after the install and it felt nice and smooth .

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    More information here:

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      Good info. I just asked about having the prop shaft made in aluminum. $550 + S & tax was the quoted cost. Replaceable ujoints.​​​​​​
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        That is great info on the f body driveshaft.

        On the aluminum prop shaft, I believe this company has made steel prop shafts for our trucks before. You may want to see if they would be able to make an aluminum one at a better price. I really have no idea if they can IGottySy. But it would not hurt to check. I have a steel prop shaft from them and love it. Very stout piece.
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