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    Using tunerpro and code $59. looking at my logs and i'm getting 100-200 counts per record count. 2000 rpm, 55 mph, 11% tps cruising. how can i get that many counts in basically 1/10th of a second. my math calculates @ 20 ignition events in that 1/10 of a second.
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    When I get knock, it's usually in a burst of typically 70 or 80. If something is rattling, i suppose the knock detector could count 200. Maybe it's not ignition. I've had similar knock at 60mph highway cruise when my F1 table was at about 30 degrees at 2000 in the 37 map column. My F1 is now about 20 degrees in that cell, and don't see such knock anymore. The first column of my F1 table starts at 15 at 600 and goes to 26 at 4800rpm. That's probably conservative, but it runs well.