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    Seams that my starter isn't working as it starting issu with high current draw (200A fuse melted)
    Therfor I'm looking for a new starter.
    Would choose a mini high torque starter.
    Any recommendations?
    Current starter is staggered mounted. I know, that preowner has replaced the Block approx. 15y ago and starter is also not stock delco anymore.
    Have all blocks straight and staggered mount holes?
    Or either straight or staggered?

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    I use the Clay Valley Racing starters. Had the same problem (heating issues on my bowtie build) and bought one of the cheep summit brand ones and used it once as it stranded me on the street when I shut it off to change the shock settings and it wouldn't fire back up until it cooled off. The staggered bolt pattern one is part number is CVR 5323 MOS (I believe but would call them to verify part number). In addition you have to move the starter wires around to the inside toward the oil pan. It can be clocked in different locations also for more clearance for the down pipe. Hope this helps.


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      I got feedback from CVR and they recommend #5323OS
      Little less power than the MOS.
      Is there any workspace issue with the routing of the tranny cooler tubes?
      ​​​​Cannot estimate the mounted position of this Denso style starter design.


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        I used the gear reduction starter from a '97 2500 with a 454 ...$100
        Sy #0535
        TBSS LME LS2
        non outlaw hardtop 911S
        911s 3.2 turbo
        75 3.2ss cab
        LS1 SS cam and spray
        LT1 355ci procharger
        LT1 WS6 383ci