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    I have upgraded my front brakes to the dual piston camaro calipers years ago but I'm due for rotors an pads and i thought i change them up a little bit. I was thinking the brembo or wilwood units. The question i have is if i go ahead and order a front caliper kit for a camaro will it just bolt on? thanks
    1993 Typhoon #1889 "AWDBOOST"

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    Re: front brakes

    I don't see why not.


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      RE: Mounting Corvette 6 piston front calipers to the trucks

      Back in 2015 eviltwin said:

      On the Ty,
      Front... C6 Z06 rotors (14") and C6 Z06 6 piston calipers
      Rear... C6 Z06 rotors and C6 Z06 4 piston calipers”


      I fully understand from other posts that people with knowledge get sick and tired of answering the same questions over and over again. That said, I have searched the forum fully (when the search function was working) and the Internet, but have found zero information about the bracket that was used to mount those Corvette C6 ZO6 6 piston calipers. That is where I am hung up.

      On another site it was said the Renz had made a caliper bracket to mount those monster calipers yet I have not been able to track down any such bracket – or Renz.

      I’ve bought the brackets offered by FLYNBYE and while the owner was great to work with, he did not know if his product would fit a 4X4 / AWD front suspension. They do not - which is no fault of his. Not to be a pain in anybody's ass, can someone please direct me to a source for said brackets?


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        Check with Sportmachines I think they might be able to help you with those brackets


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          Originally posted by NM_TY_Guy View Post
          Check with Sportmachines I think they might be able to help you with those brackets
          THANKS for the lead!! I'll check them out.