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  • Caltrac Monoleaf Swap

    Finished installing the split mono leaf only in the rear .
    It is about 40% stiffer then the stock . I just wanted the rear firmer because my truck would really squat on a launch . Ordered the 1inch drop spring . No more blocks . Truck launches way better . A lot less squat on the launch . I was gonna get the traction bars but I think I like the ride of the monoleaf by itself . Itís not a rough ride at all. Each spring also weighed 10lbs less then the stock spring pack . Gonna hit the track next week and see if my 60 foot will improve . Hopefully this review helps some people . I was gonna do the bats too, but Iíll get them when my truck gets faster . For right now running mid 7ís in the 1/8 mile I think the leaf only will be ok. Iíll let you guys know if my 60ft drops .

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    Excellent, looking forward to seeing your results!