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Solution for steering slop?

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    Re: Solution for steering slop?

    How hard is the steering column to pull apart Dave? Never had to do it before. I've replaced my ignition cylinder on my old GTO before, and that's about the extent of my steering column work. And something tells me they don't sell those plastic pieces alone either. This will probably be my next project after I finish my ball joints.

    FYI, I absolutely hate how GM did the factory ball joints. I picked up a grinder so I can finish the passenger side.


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      Re: Solution for steering slop?

      update, just picked up the bearing and adapter bushing for $31.26 my cost after discount.
      They were local just had to pick them up. Hope to have installed soon to see the results.
      I had alot of play up/down and side/side. This is a great thread thanks again
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        Re: Solution for steering slop?

        Ordered! Thanks for the info on this thread! Will update on the slop when all done!
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          Re: Solution for steering slop?

          I did jeep shaft, that bearing in column, and still have SOME slop. Not a lot, way better, but still more then there should be. I can't figure out how to make it any better, its the worst of any car/truck i've ever owned.
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            Re: Solution for steering slop?

            A narrower front tire can help a lot with the tracking. I went to a 245. Also, replacing your idler arm every other month if you daily drive will just be part of your life.
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              Re: Solution for steering slop?

              came across this thread and thought i would add to it because i had a little trouble understanding without pics.

              i recently got my ty running again after 2 years and somehow developed steering slop like crazy. truck was just sitting there

              after colapsing steering shaft the very short shaft protruding from firewall has this. this is the side facing engine bay>

              with everything being dirty and a little bit hard to see with the brake booster in the way there is a c-clip that locks the bushing in place. remove the clip and everything should come right out in one piece. with it broken down it will contain these parts. in order from left to right is clip>metal bracket that holds clip>rubber bumper thingy that doesn't do much (it attaches to front side of plastic bushing)>plastic bushing that is part culprit and a rubber seal for the back side of the plastic bushing.

              this is what mine consisted of. hope i am not missing anything. hope this helps some of you who are looking to correct "steering slop".