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Is this oil pan on a members truck?

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  • Is this oil pan on a members truck?

    I am just curious if this is a members truck, and if it is is there a build thread for it? It's an LS in a Typhoon.

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    Re: Is this oil pan on a members truck?

    Isn't that the speed inc build typhoons that was in GM Highperformace magazine?
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      Re: Is this oil pan on a members truck?

      i believe danimal is his screenname

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        Re: Is this oil pan on a members truck?

        Not directly related specifically to Syclone/Typhoon/GT, but I am researching for a LS powered AWD 2nd gen Blazer build using pretty much the same components as a STG LS swap. When I see this setup, which is very slick BTW, it looks like the front differential and axle shaft is in right about in the same location as it would be with a Trailblazer/SSR pan:

        and I am just wondering if it's possible to use this pan and front differential, which I also understand from reading the Torsen front diff thread, is internally pretty much the same thing. While I get that dealing with the steering is an issue, it just seems like having the whole front drive train as a drop-in assembly (Engine/Trans/Differential/TransferCase/Front Drive Shaft) would be a really slick package for one of these trucks. It's somewhat counter intuitive since looking at one of these trucks what you see is only some minimal space for a sump in the rear, and the front sump Trailblazer pan is exactly not that, but it is this way to solve the same problem an AWD S10 has 10lbs of sh.. err stuff, 5lb box.

        Unfortunately the answer to this probably only comes from actually trying this or at least being interested enough in the concept to measure it out in some detail. I am in the process of figuring out what to do with my current, well really soon to be former project, so I am in the planning phase of potentially using a lot of the materials from that project on this 2nd gen build. I realize this is a kind of out there concept from how these swaps have been typically done, but I can't really think of anyplace where this application is more inline with the goal than among the SyTy community, which is really about the only place where front driven wheels and go fast come in the same breath. I am not looking to do a mudder or crawler, but more of an AWD track/rally truck, and although I am looking to probably start with a ZR2 Blazer to get the extra wheel well volume and track width, It's really about a go fast truck that can actually, well turn. I really don't want to go down the path of extensive body work or full chassis level fabrication, which makes me way too dependent on others to get the project going which is why my current project (a '70 Jimmy, 2WD but similar concept) is lost in the weeds.

        With my Jimmy it's a ground up chassis fabrication, like starting with 2 frame rails and no cross members and building a new chassis from there, and a pre-galvanised body tub that requires extensive body work and filling, after you see what's really there after the blaster, which BTW you can't even do anything with until the chassis is done, and well, that's been at the fabricators (all bought and paid for BTW) for going on 3 years now, in another state no less. Meanwhile most shops I had setup to do the followup work after that part is done, have either became so piled up with work that their rates have skyrocketed and getting your project in, virtually impossible, or the old hot rodders have just closed up shop and retired. Very frustrating. For what I already have into the Jimmy I could have done a pretty crazy LS S-10, and where it's at and where rates are for what still needs to be done to in order to turn a crude factory hacked together, more tractor like than truck like vehicle into something nice I could build 2 more AWD LS Blazers.

        In the end I may just do the more traditional route of a modified H3 pan, but I do really think there may be something there to the Trailblazer/SSR packaging, and given that one of the whole points of the Jimmy was to be off the grid with California DMV and with a newer project I need to deal with the state emission referee, the more factory looking you can make it look the better, and the TB/SSR package bolted onto the bottom of an LSA would just look like the factory put it there. Oh and FYI, the Jimmy project was to use a Trailblazer DOHC straight 6 with Weber pattern throttle bodies, so there was a Trailblazer aspect to that project as well.
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          What about this pan from LSX everything?
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