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Stock Wheel Security Keys

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  • Stock Wheel Security Keys

    For those of you who need a new security key to remove the caps from the stock wheels, a company named McGard makes them. The part number according to the receipt is 04113. It also has a description "T-Key GM 100975" I called and gave them the details of the Typhoon and sent them a picture of the security bolt on the wheel. They told me they thought they had figured out which one it was and that they would make and send it to me. Less than a week later, I've received it and it fits perfectly. Im going to try to attach a photo of the receipt to this post. Hope this helps.

    EDIT: I should also mention it only costs $15.00 and that included shipping. The lady on the phone was incredibly helpful.
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    Thanks for the info
    Just so you know, I can't seem to see the image, unless I pay Imageshaxk $18.95 for a 1 year subscription


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      Sorry still trying to figure out how to do this right.