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    ProCar Seats

    I’m making this thread for future reference on installing aftermarket ProCar by Scat seats into a Syclone.

    ProCar makes a variety of seat designs. They are made based in California, and I bought all my stuff through Summit Racing.

    The way most aftermarket seats work is they are built around a company standard. All the seats have the same mounting points. In addition to the seats, you must also buy an adapter bracket to fit your particular vehicle. The adapter bracket converts the stock mounting studs, to the company standard mounting.

    For my truck ,I decided to go with the 1780 Drifter seats. ProCar has a couple designs for “street” seats. The Drifter seat is more of a racing design. It is a fiberglass tub fixed back, with holes for a 5-point harness. That is the main reason I went with the Drifter seat, since I have 5-point harnesses. As a fixed back seat, there is no recline, and the back is completely vertical. This is the driving position i personally prefer. Also, the Drifter seat looks to be designed for a skinny person. I have a 32-34" waist and it is snug around my hips, taking my phone and wallet out of my pockets. The crotch belt is also very snug. More on the Drifter seat, is it is very tall. It's about 6" taller than the Syclone seats. Mine almost touch the roof. The butt location in the seat is identical to s Syclone seat. So you don't sit any higher, but the upright seat-back moves your head higher. Also, the drifter seat will be impossible to use with stock seatbelts. The side bolsters are way too high for the stock belts. Yet another point on the Drifter seats, is the ingress/egress. The Drifter has high side bolsters, and only gives me 6" of space between the seat, and the steering wheel to get in & out. That is with the wheel tilted all the way up. So once again, you better be skinny & flexible to run these seats. I am going to try to live with it, but soon i will install a Momo or Sparco wheel with a quick-disconnect.

    ProCar lists several adapter brackets for the S10/S15 series trucks. That is due to the multiple seat/floor configurations for a S-series. Everything from bench seat and 2WD, to 4WD and buckets, and other combinations. If you’ve ever had your seats out, you know the floor is not flat and even. There are humps and dips for things like the transfercase, and transmission. The adapter brackets are meant to take the uneven floor studs, and create a flat level surface to mount the seat. I test fit the 81500, and 81508 (both driver side). The 81508 was not close to fitting. The 81500 bracket lined up with the Syclone floor studs. The problem I had was that one of the adapter legs was too short.

    I emailed & talked to a tech at ProCar for several weeks regarding the fitment of the driverside 81500 bracket. The tech finally told me that there was nothing they could do, aside from making a custom bracket. The final result was that I had to cut the leg off, and weld a spacer into it. Again, this is for the driver side only. I have not test fit the passenger side yet.

    Also make note that the universal slider mounts that ProCar sells with the seats need to be cut to fit a Syclone. The slider mounts have 3 slots for varying seat height. The top slot (lowest position) is not possible due to the S-series adapter plate interference. You must use the middle or bottom slot. If you use the middle slot, then the bottom slot hits the floor on the transmission tunnel side. The bottom slot must be cut off in order to clear the floor.

    More info & pictures to come. Stay tuned.

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    Re: ProCar Seats

    Staying tuned on this one. Those look like a good seat for the money.
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