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Setting initial timing

Helping a buddy with his Syclone. Build is with forged rods and piston with stock crank and ported vortecs , custom cam from DLS turbo tweak chip with alky. What is the procedure for setting timing with a timing light. I unplugged the brown wire under the dash and set initial at the zero mark on the timing cover. Truck seems to be off on power and showing knock and retard on wide open throttle. Boost is at 19lbs. All settings on chip at default except for more fuel added to 3rd and 4rth gear. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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Re: Setting initial timing

The stock balanced can slip so you need to verify the balancer timing mark is TDC.
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Re: Setting initial timing

It will be off on power because the chip is retarding the spark.

There also two marks on the damper. I don't know if it will even run timed to the other mark. Worth checking though. Also double check timing -after- tightening the hold down. Timing can change a bit and these motors are sensitive to timing. Stay out of full throttle until this is fixed. Also, any clue what compression pistons are in the motor?

With the TT chip WOT timing on the chip is adjustable. What is it set at? Parameter 3 & 4 should be 128 as a starting point. You can use these settings to retard spark to avoid knock. Don't be afraid to reduce 3 & 4 a bunch then start bringing them back slowly. Is there a wide band? If so and it is -not- wired into the ECM, or not installed, make sure pram 7 is set to 99.

I will tell you that with my motor, with timing correct and brown wire disconnected it barely runs. If this motor idles OK with wire disconnected I would suspect a slipped damper.

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Re: Setting initial timing

my typhoon is almost impossible to set the timing the "proper way". As soon as I even get close to 0 deg advance the engine wants to stall and starts bucking and the timing starts to bounce all over. I use datamaster to set the timing. You can leave the brown plug connected, then look at the amount of advance that the ecu is commanding at idle. Once you know what the ecu is commanding, you can set the timing to that amount. My truck is around 21 degrees. I forgot to add that you will need an adjustable timing gun. In my case I set the gun to 21 degrees, then set the balancer to 0 degrees. If you want to check to see if your balancer slipped, it's fairly easy. Pull the number one plug, stuff some paper towel in the plug hole. Make sure your paper plug is large enough to seal tight. Bump the starter until you hear your paper plug pop out of the engine, it will make a nice popping sound if your plug was large enough. This is where it gets a little tricky. Your balancer mark should be close to zero at this point, but not right on. You are going to have to either use a bore scope or a screwdriver to feel the piston. Turn the engine by hand until the piston is at the top of its travel. When the piston reaches top dead center, the line on the balancer should be at zero on the pointer. If the balancer mark is not at zero, or real damn close the balancer is shot. You can make your own indicator with a paint marker if the balanc has slipped, but I would not recommend it.
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Re: Setting initial timing

Make sure #1 piston is tdc first.
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Re: Setting initial timing

I have done it with the wire disconnected and used a hand held scanner and adjustable light. I have gone back and checked after setting it with an adjustable light and for me it was 2-3 degrees different. I am not sure what the best way is,probably with the wire disconnected but the adjustable light way seems like it would be more true.
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Re: Setting initial timing

Thanks for all the reply. The builder put stock length spark lugs instead of the ones for vortecs . Have verified top dead center with number 1 piston and balancer showing zero mark. When you say can't adjust to the zero meaning it runs bad after you set it to the zero with ecm wire unplugged , then set it with the adjustable light to zero and runs better. This engine runs bad setting the first method. Replaced plugs with tr6 for the vortecs as well as new plugs and cap and rotor. It seemed to have run better with the old timing set at 10 degree atdc with old plugs. Thanks for the help.
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