Sy #2875 Build :eh:

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So I figured it was time to start a build thread to show everyone the progress of Syclone #2875 over the next few months. With a plan, and a budget and a goal of driving this truck to Homecoming 2012, I started taking the truck apart this past weekend.


My Father and I bought this truck in August 2010 from the previous owner in Virginia. We purchased it just as it looks in the first picture with no engine, however otherwise complete. We were told it previously spent the rest of its life in Arizona (cant confirm this though).


- Frame Up Build
-New Paint
-LS1 or LS2
- Turbocharged (possibly next season)
-Tubular Control Arms
-Coilovers F/R
- Big Sway Bars
- Keep AC and all the goodies.

This truck will serve as a daily driver, work truck, track truck ect. Basically something my father and I can build and enjoy everyday in the summer months, whatever the situation.

I will be adding pictures of my progress as it happens, as well as new parts, and changes to the truck as it get finished. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Before going into the garage to start its life on jackstands.

In her new home.

Box ready to come off

Box off

Next to take apart and off of the truck were the doors

I stopped there as it was getting late and I wanted to get the box to work so that I could start prepping it for paint this week.

Thats all for now!

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Re: Sy #2875 Build :eh:

stripped the truck a little more this weekend. It still doesn't look like much, However im trying to just take my time, label things, and keep things organised so that re-intalling everything is as smooth as possible.

I went down tuesday evening after work to catch up with Tom from Sportmachines and also grab some parts for the truck.

Got everything that I needed, as well as these: :lol:

Prime Gears 4l80e kit

Sportmachines Tubular Control Arms, powdercoated satin black

And heres a picture of my Hypertech coilovers ill be using for this build. (front coil on the left, Rear on the right.)

Thats all for now!


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Re: Sy #2875 Build :eh:

Looks like fun.
Hey Tyler, that truck didn't come with a stock downpipe did it? If it did and you want to get rid of it let me know.

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Re: Sy #2875 Build :eh:

Looks like fun.
Hey Tyler, that truck didn't come with a stock downpipe did it? If it did and you want to get rid of it let me know.
I got the truck without the downpipe, it only has the 3" dp back exhuast as pictured! Get in touch with Tom at Sportmachines, there is a good chance he has a stock sy dp, and he could ship it to you!

Man I need to get to work on my 93 ty
Do it! you wont regret it!

Looks like an awesome build....I will be watching for sure.:tup:
Stay tuned! I'll hopefully have a update every week.

What's up with the sportmachines tubular control arms?
Dont know exactly what you mean by that, but there very very nice pieces. They seem very strong, the welds are beautiful, and they seem quite a bit lighter than the stock arms. I havnt stopped drooling over them since tuesday night!

Maybe Tom can chime in here about them, or pm you with details!

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Re: Sy #2875 Build :eh:

Havnt had as much time to work on the truck in the last two weeks as i've wanted but here's a update anyways!

I decided to take the Gastank, Gas lines and driveshaft out.

This leaves only a few more things to take off once the cab comes off so that I can blast, seal and paint the frame and other components

Next I figured that I would sort through the messy and unlabled factory harness

Then I delt with the mess of wires from the battery that was ran from the front of the truck to the bed, and the stereo wiring....

Half of what I took out, Havnt even gotten all the stereo wiring sorted out yet

Being as far as I can, (waiting for the hoist to be free) to take the cab off and start dissassembeling the frame for blasting ect, I decided to start working on the body to save me some time later on.

The truck box was fairly straight, with the exception of the top rails, so I blocked it in 120 and fixed all the dents on the rails. then primer! put on 4 coats, now the waiting game to let it sit,sink and cure!

Then I started the doors, They werent particularly bad, but they had had quite a few little ripples and door dings that I didnt find until I blocked them out. Again I blocked them with 120 gritt, of course had to do some body work before primer.

After a few hours of body work and prepping, I was ready to prime!

Boring gray, another 4 coats!

By this time it was late sunday night, So I blocked out the other door and called it a day.

When I got home, The mailman had brought a little suprise for me!!......

My plates came in!

Thanks all for now, Stay tuned!


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Re: Sy #2875 Build :eh:

great lookin build! I like your plans, my plans are very similar. I don't have the time to even touch mine for a while but I am collecting parts here and there.

Keep up on the progress photos! Ill be lookin foward to them. :tup:


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Re: Sy #2875 Build :eh:

Nice, quick work so far. I love to keep checking all the projects in keeps me motivated. And I hope you meet your time and budjet deadlines, and see ya at Homecoming.

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Re: Sy #2875 Build :eh:

I know its been a few weeks since i've updated this thread, but ive been super busy on the truck!

I got my donor car that i'll be pulling the motor out of. I wanted a running/driving car as opposed to purchasing a motor already out of a vehicle, this way I know its in good operating condition. 98' Z28 Camaro - 5.7L LS1 is all her glory.

Also got my 4L80E core trans, After mockup this will be getting a fresh rebuild.

With the truck as far apart as it could be and the cab ready to come off, I put the wheels back on and rolled it out to the other bay where the hoist was.

backed the trailor in to load it up.

:D a little later...

Then I started to prep the cab, did some body work to straighten out some of GM's factory flaws and get it ready for paint! Sprayed some primer where it needed it.

Another week or so passed (its all starting to become a blurr) and it was time for paint

Tailgate getting body work, was beat up on the inside, pretty typical.

Next I decided to start unassemble and dye the dash, This needed to happen right away because I wasnt pulling the dash, and the front window was out for paint. So it only left me a day or so to sand, prep and spray the dash before the window got put back in.

And after a few hours of preping and painting it was finally time to spray!


Got back out in the shop for a few nights after work and stipped the frame completely for blasting, but first cut off the uneeded brackets and crossmember.

After cutting and grinding the back half started to clean up

Then my father and I loaded up the frame, rear end, diff, rear sway bar and a few other pieces to take to get sand blasted, got them back the next day and this is where im at currently!

stay tuned, more soon.


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Re: Sy #2875 Build :eh:

Need to yank the LS1 brakes off that donor & get 'em on your truck:tup:

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Re: Sy #2875 Build :eh:

Do you own a body shop? Looks like you've got the tools and the skills! Great work - can't wait to see the outcome.

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