Motocam360 Plug n Play ECM


We offer a Plug n Play ECM/ECU for the Syclone and Typhoon. This system does not require any modifications to factory wire harnesses. All you have to do is install a good wideband O2 sensor. The ECM has an RS232 serial cable that is used to connect a laptop for tuning (Tuner Studio is the software at $60 per seat). There is a 16Gb SD card installed internally for data logging, or it can be done directly from the serial cable to a laptop.

Stage 1: 5 minute install, no permanent modifications to vehicle - $1599.99
Stage 2: Eliminates distributor and converts truck to coilpack ignition with cam/crank triggers and a new timing cover - $1999
(we provide a list of hard parts to acquire for the ignition conversion, which is approx $650)

These are some of the popular options that can be added to either stage:

E85 sensor: comes with AN fittings - $115
Torque Convertor Lockup: - $99
Knock display: - $109





You can find more information on our website at:
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This week we built and shipped a special Stage 2 (cam, crank sensor) system with the Torque Convertor Lockup feature:

By adding a custom OBD1 cable to this system, we keep in the spirit of true plug-n-play so that all you have to do is plug into your oem OBD1 port below the steering wheel and then set your preferences in the software:



Here is a new Stage 1 variation that we recently built for a customer - it has 2 soft start fan controls + torque convertor lockup + E85:



New for 2020 - Just finished developing a custom set of 8mm plug wires with the correct ends and length. These wires support our Stage 2 and Stage 3 ecu kits, which eliminates the distributor in favor of coil packs:

SyTy Stage2_3 plugwire set.jpg


Finished building a Stage 3 ecu with sequential injection for a customer last month. This system also features a wifi box for tuning via PC, iOS, and Android:

SyTy Stage3 ecu info.jpg
SyTy Stage3 ecuB.jpg